macer: (má sėr) adj. [latin - thin, lean]

Our Vision: Identifying the Business Value in Your Data

We are a professional services company led by experts in Business Intelligence and Data Management platforms. We work with companies that view data as a strategic-business asset, and we embrace a Business-First mindset in all we do. We provide data management solutions that allow you to connect and deliver information to all parts of your business.


Macer strives to identify the business value in your data.

We work with companies that view data as a strategic business asset and embrace a business-first mindset.

We are the go-to consulting firm that clients trust and associate with cutting-edge technology and rooted principles.

We understand that it doesn’t matter how much data you have, but rather how you use it to run your business successfully.


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Data Management

In today’s hybrid landscape, the practice of organizing and maintaining the data processes to meet ongoing information lifecycle has multiple options. Let us help define your data management strategy.

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Data Integration

Companies often become focused on data collection without considering business value. We take the worry out of managing the data pipeline, so you can focus on analytics and applications.

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Data Architecture

Data is a key business asset and central to the success of any company. In today’s market every business is now a data-related company. Let us help you define the architecture that will meet your business needs.

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Business Analytics

We provide tailored analytical solutions to enhance your business. With a focus on reliability, scalability, and performance, we offer cohesive solutions to improve the effectiveness of your business decisions.


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Snowflake is a cloud based data warehouse that enables development that is faster, easier to use, and far more flexible than traditional data warehouse offerings.

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Data Strategy & Assessment

Organizations overlook the importance of assessing data against the business process and outcomes. When it comes to building a data strategy, technical decisions must be combined with a deep understanding of your business.

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Master Data Management

A strategy that allows your business to manage, govern and analyze master data within a single platform. This helps you consolidate data across sources and increase productivity to improve the customer experience.

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Cloud Integration

The conversation around the cloud has become a core element of any enterprise technology strategy. Let us help define the best use of public and private cloud offerings.


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