macer: (má sėr) adj. [latin - lean: focused]


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Data Management

In today’s hybrid data landscape—frenetic with varied data sources and processing models—data has never been more valuable to a business’s information lifecycle. The practice of effectively organizing and maintaining your data processes is vital. We can help you define your data management strategy.

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Data Integration

You need to harness the total power of your company’s data. Too often, businesses become focused on data collection without considering business value. We can take the worry out of managing the data pipeline, so that you can focus on analytics and applications—and innovation.

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Data Architecture

In a world of burgeoning data, the importance of data architecture cannot be overstated. Today, every business is a data-related company—data is a key asset and central to business value and innovation. We can help you define a data architecture that will meet your business needs.

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Business Analytics

The goal of business analytics is to use historical and predictive information to enhance your business’s reliability, scalability, and performance. We provide comprehensive, tailored solutions that will improve the effectiveness of your business decisions.


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